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We did it! We found a great way to give back to all of you to show our appreciation for the support you have given to us. Introducing.......COAST CASH!

What the heck is Coast Cash?

Coast Cash is what we call of rewards points. Points are called Coast Cash.


What does Coast Cash do?

Points accrue to earn you special discounts on the Bearded Coast store products. 

How can I start earning Coast Cash!

Simple dude, just click the little button on the right side of our website to get started! It should look just like this:

Does it cost anything to sign up for the Rewards Program?
Nope! The Bearded Coast "Coast Cash" Rewards Program is totally free. Simply sign up to start earning today!


What kinds of Rewards do you offer?

We have 5 different ways you can earn Coast Cash:

  • Leave a Review = 50 Coast Cash
  • Sign up and subscribe to our site = 50 Coast Cash
  • It's your Birthday! = 200 Coast Cash
  • Refer a friend = 100 Coast Cash if your friend spends $10.00 or more
  • For every $1.00 you spend = 5 Coast Cash

What can I redeem Coast Cash for?

  • 500 Coast Cash = $5.00 store coupon
  • 1,000 Coast Cash = $10.00 store coupon
  • 2,500 Coast Cash = $25.00 store coupon