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Bearded Coast Health and Safety

We've Got Your Back!

Bearded Coast is committed to doing everything we can to ensure the products we handcraft are done in a safe and responsible manner. During these times we understand that being vigilant in our efforts are more important than ever so you get the products you want without worrying about their safety. 

What We Are Doing

We always practice the required sanitation practices and procedures for any facility that makes health and beauty products — and let’s face it, our products are beautiful. Our daily routine includes:

  • We limit the comings and goings as much as possible as items are made by hand.
  • We practice proper hand-washing, including before, during, and after work
  • We Sanitize and sterilize our work areas multiple times throughout the day
  • We only handle items while wearing nitrile gloves and N95 masks period! (this has always been our standard practice)
  • Steam-sanitizing all glass bottles and dropper tops
  • Spraying all product containers with 70% isopropyl alcohol before filling them
  • Wiping down all containers after labeling and before they’re packed for shipping
  • Once everything is packaged we gently spray the outside of the boxes with 70% isopropyl alcohol before placing them in our vehicle to be taken to USPS or UPS for shipping.
  • The vehicle we use to transport these packages is routinely cleaned and disinfected after each use. It is a lot of extra work but I personally have small children and want to make sure that Bearded Coast does everything possible to be as safe as possible.

Bearded Coast has always done many of these steps to ensure safety, but since COVID-19 we have dramatically increased the frequency and added some new steps to ensure we do our very best to provide the same product you know and trust in the safest way possible. When our ingredients arrive we disinfect the boxes before touching them, we mask up and glove up. We unpack everything in a safe outdoor area, sanitize the items, and then bring them inside for safe keeping until they are ready to be made into that beard nectar you love. We want to make sure we do everything we can possible to prevent the transmission and exposure of the COVID-19 virus not just for all of our awesome supporters, but ourselves as well.

Online Shopping

With the treat of the COVID-19 virus many people have taken to online shipping now more than ever to safely obtain the items they would normally go out to a physical storefront to purchase. Shopping online is also a very conveinent way to stay safely at home and get the items you want. Bearded Coast wanted to create this page for the reason of total transparency, and to help you feel confident that we are doing everything we can to put you and your loved ones safety first. We are happy to have the processes we have and once COVID-19 has passed, we still want you to know that we plan to continue these practices rather than end them or remove some of them. 

We want you to contact us with any questions or concerns. It's cool bro we are totally here for you! We have your back and are happy to help put your mind at ease. If you have any questions about purchasing our items,  our shipping times, returns, or anything at all please do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond typically within 24 hours. We are here for you.