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A Totally Rad

Beard Experience

The West Coast is famous for a bunch of things.

The beaches, the people, and, without a doubt, the beards.

As California natives, we stand by the belief that The West Coast is Bearded.

With so many groovy shapes, textures, and beard vibes out there, The Bearded Coast knows that our products not only needed to style, tame, and hydrate your beard but also do it with ethical and natural ingredients.

That is why our products are extensively tested (on willing family members and myself) before ever going up for sale, and we craft our selection of oils from high-quality ingredients.

The coolest part?

We do our very best to purchase as many of these ingredients from local businesses and farms.

Living La Vida Local.

The Man Vibing Behind The Brand

My name? Scott Hobbs

IT Professional by day and beard dude by… well, all the time.

Can we just all agree that beards are awesome, and the fact that I get to help other beard dudes experience that is pretty rad?

Dying to have some adventure and fun with life, I took my passion for beard care, created a totally cool product at an affordable price, and mixed it with the ultimate vibes of West Coast local living.

What The Bearded Coast Is All About

Formula Research = Extensive

Passion for Quality = Unmatched

Beards = Awesome

Our mission is to supply the bearded dudes out there with the nourishing natural products they deserve while embracing straight West Coast living vibes.

Stay in Touch Dude

Any questions or issues with your product?

You are talking directly with the dude putting it all together.

The truth is, we love what we do, and we want you to love it too!

Don’t forget to follow us @BeardedCoast

Have an awesome beard, embrace the flow of a good life, and stay in touch!

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