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Camping with a Beard - Tips & Thoughts

Camping with a Beard - Tips & Thoughts

  • By - Bearded Coast
  • 29 April, 2020

Being cooped up in the house for weeks on end is zero fun. I have been staying busy like many others doing projects around the house which has been enjoyable and rewarding. But a point came when even that got a little repetitive. I was craving excitement! Something that could disengage me from the television's hypnotic hold. Then it hit me like a stroke of genius: road trip! No not that…I would be testing quarantine limitations by stopping at the gas station, stores, and staying with a friend or family member wherever I decided to go. The answer was obvious now and it was camping!

I love camping even though admittedly I am not the most “fit” individual. Perhaps it's because of the s'mores by the campfire or the crazy fun camp food we get to eat. That is part of the appeal for me without a doubt, but the truth is I really appreciate simply being outdoors in nature. No one around, just peace and fresh air. There is a sort of magical feeling about it that I long for from time to time. I find it along the lines of hitting a reset button on one’s mental state. Anyways, let us get into why you are here which is to learn some of my tips for roughing it with a majestic beard.

Tip 1: Unscented Beard Products

This is number one on my list for a specific reason. I am secretly a bit terrified of large predators like bears, mountain lions, etc. I want to give these creatures zero reasons to come check me out which means cutting out the scents to the products I use. I even go as far as using simply organic unscented deodorants when camping (sorry to my wife). With an unscented beard oil like Bearded Coast “True O.G.” I am much less worried about attracting something unwanted.  I started doing this after I went camping a year ago and a small tribe of bees decided my facial fur was a meal. I have yet to have an issue with unscented beard products and at least my beard stays happy.

Tip 2: Travel-size Wash and Co-Wash (if you really want)

Packing for a camping trip should not include a large normal sized bottle of beard wash and co-wash. You will not need that much unless you're hiking the PCH trail and even then, you probably will not need that much. Head down to the nearest convenience store and pick up a couple travel sized empty bottles and fill them with what you think you may need. Or do what I do and take the empty beard oil bottles you have, clean them thoroughly, and fill those. They are 1 ounce and should be just enough and you're recycling! Pack light not heavy. Personally, I don’t bother washing it when I am camping but I can see why some would.

Tip 3: The Double-Sided Beard Comb

Most of us have had these at one point in time. The little squarish wooden combs that have fine teeth on one end and wider teeth on the other. It is small and convenient for camping which is really the only reason I keep mine around anymore. No sense in bringing your boars hair and ox horn unless you cannot live without it for a few days. 

Tip 4: Stay Hydrated!

It is very easy on a camping trip to forget to hydrate properly. You're out in the sun, hiking, swimming, and enjoying the great outdoors. You’re going to burn a lot more calories than you probably would sitting at home, so make sure you drink enough water. Why should you care so much about staying hydrated? Because your beard will thank you--duh! If you have ever been dehydrated with a beard you probably can recall feeling how crunchy and dry it can get, and if you haven’t then just listen and stay hydrated because it doesn’t feel very comfortable. 

Finally, be stoked. You're hanging out with mother nature! Enjoy the time of peace and relaxation away from the chaos of this world. Don’t worry, it will all be there when you get back.

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~Bearded Coast