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The "Quarantine" Beard - What to do?

  • By - Bearded Coast
  • 29 April, 2020

It's been a good long while now and you haven't been able to go to the barber shop due to quarantine. Or maybe because of the quarantine you've decided to try growing your beard out. Heck, you're not leaving the house much anyways so why not give it a shot! Don't shave it! Trust me.

You may start to face some challenges as your beard continues to grow though. The biggest issue that is faced as your beard starts to grow out(at least for me) is the itch! It can be absolutely terrible. My skin has always been sensitive not only to growing a beard out, but to putting virtually any products on my face. The skin under my beard would itch, I would scratch, it would get worse, etc. until I would give up and shave just to have the relief. But, I always wanted to get to that point of having a full beard. Enter the game changer: Beard Oil! 

I can absolutely remember the first time I applied beard oil. I was desperate to try anything to stop the itching and tender skin under the beard. Once applied it was almost instant relief. The itching sensation was gone! Not to mentioned the hair looked visibly healthier. I used it as directed, and each day after felt fantastic. 

Another challenge could be the awkward stage. The point that your beard grows to that makes you look like you simply don't care about your looks and you have decided to give up. You hate looking in the mirror and just want to shave it down, or off completely. This too shall pass my friend. Don't give up! You can trim at home safely to help it keep shape and give it a nice cleanup, or you can just say "heck with it!" and let it go. Beard oil also helps here by taming and softening the hairs making it easier to manage. Everyone who attempts to grow a beard will attest to the fact that the awkward stage sucks, but if you push forward it does get better. I guess this could also be applied to quarantine life, right? 

During quarantine times when you are searching for things to keep your sanity intact, and maintain social distancing why not give growing a glorious epic beard a try? From all I have learned along my bearded journey the number 1 tip I could suggest is to start with beard oil. Without a doubt, this is the single most important product to use when growing a beard. Beard oil:

-Keeps the skin under the beard healthy and happy

-Helps to soften beard hair

-Can help tame the beard hair

-Helps reduce split ends as your beard grows

-Provides some awesome nutrients directly to the beard hair and roots

-If you use a scented oil it can help make your beard smell like magic

Bearded Coast was created to help provide the beard, and those who want to grow a beard grow one, high quality products to make it fun and easy. We started with beard oil because(I can't stress this enough) it is in our humble opinion the most important item in your bearded arsenal. We will be expanding our offerings to include beard butter, balm, and much more! Stay tuned and stay bearded!

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~Bearded Coast