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In just a few short months, society has changed in many ways which has brought into sharp focus how fragile and beautiful our planet is. Both science and religion tell us that we crawled out of the Earth, which is why we call her Mother Earth.  Bearded Coast not only respects the fruits and spoils the planet provides us, but we honor it in the products we offer.  If Earth can give us so much, we want to make sure that we are honoring that sacrifice by using only the greenest materials in our production.  We want to make sure that your beard, your beard’s beard, and your beard’s beard’s beard will have the provisions to fare any storm that comes its way!

- We use glass bottles for our oils, balms, and butters rather than plastics. You can recycle these when your done safely, or wash them out and re-use them! 

- We use only recycled shipping products. No plastic bubble wrap. Most of the items we use for shipping are biodegradable and/or compostable. Even our packing slips are printed on recycled paper. We also use hemp string to tie the protective material around products rather than resorting to tape.

- We source materials from vendors and local businesses who practice sustainability, and use as much natural/organic processes as possible.

Bearded Coast wants to make sure that our environmental impact is as minimal as possible. We are always on the hunt for new innovative and exciting ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and do the least harm to our planet as possible.